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As with all sports, motorbike racing comes with it's expenses.

We purchase Tyler's bikes and fund most of the travel costs but the maintenance of the bikes, tyres, helmets, entry fees etc. constantly add up and without sponsorship it becomes difficult to keep progressing in the sport.

Tyler has a few sponsors who support him but we are always appreciative of any new ones.​

For this season we have set up a Patreon Membership site with various levels and benefits available:

Alternatively, if you'd prefer not to commit to a monthly membership, then one off donations are always welcome and can be made by getting in touch with us direct, via PayPal or via Tyler's GoFundMe page (links below).  All funds go into Tyler's racing account to be used throughout the season for parts, race fees, tyres, etc.

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PayPal donations via this Donate button:

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