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Race Report - BMB Round 1

What an amazing first round at the British Mini Bikes Championship 😃

It was a great weekend from start to finish.

We had 2 races in the FIM Minigp UK 160 Series & decided to do an additional class in the MGP 160/50 Cup race on the Ohvale

After finishing on Pole in both Qualifying sessions, the race results were:

FIM 160 Race 1 - P2 🥈

FIM 160 Race 2 - P1 🥇

MGP 160/50 Cup Race 1 - P1 🥇

MGP 160/50 Cup Race 2 - P1 🥇

It was a great day, especially battling with my mate Wilson throughout both FIM races. We are back at it once again, chasing each other and pushing each other to the limit.

We had some bike issues with it dropping power, so after the morning warm ups, we got that sorted. It was a bit of pressure not knowing how the bike would be in the race but it worked out well.

FIM 160 Race 1 - Wilson raced so well and got the lead on the last lap, I tried everything to get the lead back but it wasn’t enough. A very well deserved win.

FIM 160 Race 2 - Wilson and I battled hard and swapped for the lead so many times, it was the best race we’ve ever had. I managed the race as best as I could and came out with the win.

MGP 160/50 Cup Race 1 - I got into the lead & my team mate Hudson Kai Cooper 217 was doing amazing and staying with me then unfortunately had a big off. He’s ok but couldn’t continue the race. The race was restarted and I managed to get out in front and win the race.

MGP 160/50 Cup Race 2 - I got in to the lead and managed the race well throughout, Frankie was right there so I couldn’t relax which was great, everyone rode so well.

On a side note, I would like to apologise for being a bit upset after the first FIM race, that’s not usually me but the emotions just got the better of me. After having a year out and this being the first real race of having to push so much and after trying so hard and not knowing how the bike would be it just got to me a bit. I got sorted and really enjoyed the rest of the day.

A massive well done to all riders, everyone has come on so much. It’s amazing to be back and be with my mates racing again.

Thank you to everyone that supports me and a special thanks to all of my sponsors and team. The first race as RAP Riders Academy was great for the whole team.

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