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Race Report - BMB Round 2

Round 2 of the British Minibike Championship saw us head to our closest track of the calendar, Rowrah (Cumbria Kart Track):

  • Track Direction - Clockwise

  • Track Length - 0.64miles (1030m)

  • Number of Turns - 12

What a weekend!

Full of highs and lows but ultimately, it was a great weekend at the British Mini Bikes Championship 😃

There was an unexpected change to the format from the last round with now having 3 races in each class instead of 2.

Saturday consisted of Practice, Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2 and Race 1 (not televised):

FIM 160 - Qualifying

Q1 - 50.621

Q2 - 50.794

Overall - P1

MGP 160/50 Cup - Qualifying

Q1 - 50.920

Q2 - DNS - issues with gearbox requiring

Engine change out

Overall - P2

FIM 160 - Race 1

8 Laps

P1 on grid

This was a Sprint race with only 8 laps. I started in P1 but was conscious of it being a new engine so didn’t want to push too hard therefore I dropped my lap times by a few tenths in this race which showed in how close the results were.

I still managed to finish in P1 with only 0.14 to Hudson in P2 and 0.25 to Frankie in P3.

Best Lap Time - 50.937

Result - P1 🥇 out of 16

MGP 160/50 Cup - Race 1

8 Laps

P2 on grid

Another sprint race although different class but same bike. Started in P2 and had a great  race, although was hard work managing yet more gearbox problems.

Finished again in P1 with my mate Arnie in a very close P2 only 0.15 seconds behind and a slight gap of 3 seconds to Hudson in P3.

Best Lap Time - 50.998

Result - P1 🥇 out of 14

Sunday consisted of a Warm Up then a further 2 races per class which were all televised:

FIM 160 - Race 2

14 Laps

P2 on grid

Great start, got the hole shot straight into P1 with Hudson in P2 and Frankie P3.

Managed to maintain the lead with some pace pulling a bit of a gap.

Frankie passed Hudson and was up to P2 where he started closing the gap slightly. Was then able to start pushing a bit more and improved my lap time in this race.

With 4 laps to go I caught up to some back markers but managed to glide my way through them quickly, staying in the lead and finished the race in P1 with Frankie only 0.84 seconds behind in P2 and 11.89 seconds to Hudson in P3.

Best Lap Time - 50.437

Result - P1 🥇 out of 16

MGP 160/50 Cup - Race 2

14 Laps

P2 on grid

Got a good start off the line and into the lead, started to quickly pull a decent gap with some early battles going on behind me with Hudson, Arnie and Frankie.

About 5 laps in I’d increased the gap to Arnie in P2 to about 5 seconds. Arnie was also starting to pull a gap to Hudson and Frankie who were battling for P3 until Wilson got involved and passed them both.

I kept my head down, checked out and focused to the end of the race.  Finished in P1 with a gap of 9.43 to Arnie in P2 and 12.69 to Wilson in P3.

Best Lap Time - 50.810

Result - P1 🥇 out of 15

FIM 160 - Race 3

14 laps

P2 on grid

My team mate Hudson got hole shot from P3 and into the lead. I managed to get up the inside of him at the first hairpin to take the lead. Frankie quickly got into P2 and was hot on my heels throughout the race. A really close battle with tenths in between the lap times which forced me to work even harder to maintain the lead. Managed to get through all of the back markers safely putting a bit of a gap between myself and Frankie giving me a bit of breathing space. Unfortunately with 3 laps to go, Frankie crashed out.

On the last lap, I knocked it into 1st gear on the second hairpin but managed to cross the line maintaining 1st place with a gap of 9.45 seconds to Hudson in P2 and 15.35 to Wilson in P3.

Best Lap Time - 50.473

Result - P1 🥇 out of 14

MGP 160/50 Cup - Race 3

14 Laps

P2 on grid

Frankie was in P1 on the grid and kept the lead off the line and continued on into the 2nd lap where I managed to get up the inside into the first hairpin again. Had to manage the tyres throughout. At this stage the tyres were done.

Frankie was all over my back wheel every lap keeping the pressure on. Half way through the race we were in amongst the back markers, both making it through without issues and pulling away from the P3 battle going on behind us with Arnie and Hudson.

Another back marker with 2 laps to go worked in my favour allowing a slight increase in the gap.

Retained the lead to the end and finished P1 with only 1.38 seconds in it and my lap record of 50.4. Frankie P2 and a close 5.89 to Arnie P3

Best Lap Time - 50.432

Result - P1 🥇 out of 14

Thank you to everyone that supports me and a special thanks to all of my sponsors and team.

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