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Race Report - Scottish Championship & Melville MCC

This was my first time at East Fortune Racing Circuit. It is a great set up down there and all very well organised.

This weekend I was in the Junior twin class on my Ninja 300. The class has both restricted and unrestricted bikes.

Our class also ran with the Junior Post Classics on a split start format which made the grid a lot bigger.

East Fortune Racing Circuit

  • Track Direction - Clockwise

  • Track Length - 1.56miles

  • Number of Turns - 8


Format for the day was Warm Up, Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2

The track has smooth tarmac but there are some bumps. The chicane is quite tight and there are a lot of long straights which isn’t great for me on the restricted bike. Quite technical in parts too. Used Warm Up and Qualifying to get familiar with the track layout and get my lines sorted. Qualified P8 on the grid.

It was a good day overall but very windy which slowed me down but that’s alright I still managed to get decent lap times and stayed in front of a couple of faster bikes. Got a good start in both races and ended up 7th out of 10 (overall in the 300 class) in both races. Race 1 was 10 laps and due to time constraints Race 2 was reduced to 8 laps.


Format was Warm Up, Race 1, Race 2

Race 1

10 laps

Got a good start, held first corner in front of Archie, he then passed me down the straight and I got him back into second corner on the brakes. Held it flat out all the way through the snake, he passed me down the straight, after the esses and into the hairpin I was later on the brakes and got him up the inside.

Managed to keep in front for a few laps before being passed again but got another comeback and kept in front for rest of the race finishing 4th out of 10 overall and 1st in restricted.

Race 2

10 laps

Good start but little bit of a wheelie, another good battle with Innes and Archie. Started to pull away from Archie and battled with Innes the rest of the race. On the penultimate lap I got held up by back marker and Innes pulled away. Overall 5th and 1st in restricted so I'm happy with that.

Best lap time over the weekend:

1:10.73 (Lap Record for the Restricted Class)

Thanks to everyone from Melville Motorcycle Club and East Fortune Racing Circuit for the smooth running and a great weekend!

*Credit to Jennifer Charlton Photography for the above photos

Thank you to everyone that supports me and a special thanks to all of my sponsors.

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*Credit to 2 Fast 2 Photo and Ronnie Weir for the above photos


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